Roanoke Vanishing

Roanoke Vanishing - Auburn Seal

I take advantage of a lot of the kindle freebies that come out. I was in the mood to listen to a book and what I wanted to listen to from my public library was not available. So I went on Amazon to see what ebooks I had that could be changed to a 'audio' book for a reasonable price. $1.99 is my limit. Ha ha. Anyways, I was surprised by this book as I didn't even know what this book was going to be about. It kept my attention but at the same time disappointed me. Hence the 4 stars instead of 5. I thought about dropping it to 3. The story had two different time periods. Present and 1500's. I appreciated how the narrator changed her voice to signify the difference. This is a historical fiction book with a touch of paranormal. It is book 1 of a series but I couldn't find any information when the 2nd book will come out. So of course the author leaves you hanging in the end so that you stay interested for the 2nd one. If you decide to read it instead of listening I believe its about 300 pages and I know at one time it was free. I don't know if it still is.