Dying for Dinner Rolls

Dying for Dinner Rolls (Chubby Chicks Club, #1) - Lois Lavrisa

This was a cute book. It was a freebie that I had downloaded in my Kindle app. It wasn't a complicated read but I seem to get easily distracted. Hence, the number of books I've been reading at the same time.  So it took me a little to finish it. Since I couldn't sleep last night I thought I'd finish it off since I had less than 50 pages left. 


I liked that the main character's Mom was Korean. I haven't really seen that in a story before especially in a cozy mystery. Some of the trouble that the characters got into were way out there but as I said earlier it was a cute story. The part that I thought was way out there was when Cat and Annie Mae got caught in that dumpster fire. And for all their antics they never got arrested even if they were threatened  with it.


I would read from this author again. Especially because how she left us hanging in the end. There's obviously going to be another book as we need to know what happened to Cat's father. Well who killed him. Here's what I am talking about. SPOILER: "My breath caught in my chest as I read the purple inked squares that said, "Got You." 


Here are some highlights from the book.


"You could waste your whole life trying to please everyone. All that worrying you do about what people think about you, and what you look like, and all that nonsense. You're going to fret yourself into thin air." 


"Y'all are making me nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs." 


"Keeping people under your nose is not going to prevent anything bad happening to them." 


Did you read this? What did you think?