I must be Crazy!

Invincible - Joan Johnston I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies Series #1) - Pittacus Lore,  Neil Kaplan The Host - Stephenie Meyer Dying for Dinner Rolls (Chubby Chicks Club, #1) - Lois Lavrisa A Daughters Inheritance (Broadmoor Legacy, Book 1) -  'Judith Miller', 'Tracie Peterson'

I haven't read steadily in some time. This year I decided I'd make reading a habit. I am starting the year off with five books. Granted, I am listening to one and will likely turn another one to audio. I am also trying to read all the free ebooks I have been collecting as well as what I have in my stash. Let's see what I actually accomplish. I guess when I set my mind to something I go big or I don't try at all. Here are the books I will try to finish soonish. I only put 25 down as my reading goal for the year as I get busy or I might lose interest. But it would be awesome if I read more!