Paper Roses

Paper Roses - Amanda Cabot

This is a story about Sarah and Clay. But it is much more than that. It is also about love and forgiveness. You don't forgive to benefit the person but for yourself so that you can move on from the hurt that was caused to you.

Sarah comes to Texas as a mail order bride. But when she reaches her destination her dream of getting married and having a better life for her and her sister is dashed as her groom has died. That is when the mystery comes to play as Clay is trying to find out who killed his brother Austin but the townspeople are of no help to him.

This story is set during a time when mail order brides were the norm where they would go to such places as Texas. Also people were coming to America from the 'old country' having to transition from old country ways to that of the west. The townspeople in this town were not necessarily ready to let go of old prejudices and was quick to blame each other as things occurred. 

This book is set in small town Texas. The closest big town was San Antonio. The townspeople are of French and German descent. In fact, Sarah's best friend was French. I don't remember a year mentioned but I got the impression its the 1800's with the mention of the Mexican war.

I found this book very interesting. It started off slow but then it picked up and kept me up late so I could finish it. It had a mystery element where I didn't know the whodunit till the very end. That alone was sad. There also was a touch of romance but it wasn't in your face. There was also talk of faith throughout the story.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in historical fiction with a faith theme. It's not preachy and fits well in the story told. Also the mystery and the blossoming romance helped pull the story together.