Moon Over Manifest

Moon Over Manifest - Clare Vanderpool

I didn't realize that this was a children's book and that it won the Newberry award. I can see why it got it. I got the audio version of this book. As I was listening I kept thinking to myself, "Oh this is a 4 star book." But the ending (not a spoiler) cinched it for me and made it a 5 star book for me. I enjoyed the different perspectives that were given throughout the story. And in the end, I think a daughter had a better understanding of her father and what he went through. If you like historical fiction I would recommend this book. The years that were talked about was 1918 and than 1938 or maybe 36. I can't remember and I no longer have the book to reference back to. This book will catch a adult's attention as well as a upper elementary and beyond.